Does this patient sound familiar?

Ben Duchac, RNProduct Team

Healthcare | Dec 6, 2016

A patient enters your office – it’s someone you know well, and have been treating for years. No matter what you do, they never quite feel “well.” Occasionally they admit to stress at work, or note family issues, but their primary symptoms are both frustratingly persistent and maddeningly vague. Unusual pain, GI issues, swelling, and persistent headaches are common. Prescriptions you write are filled but inconsistently refilled. Chronic issues are managed poorly, despite the patient’s best intentions.

These patients require more of your time than most others, and despite your best efforts, they are frequently frustrated by their lack of response to first-line treatments.

Research shows that these traits, along with many other symptoms, are actually common presentations of behavioral health issues that are frequently overlooked by primary care physicians. These days, most physicians are spending less time with patients than ever before and finding time to comprehensively screen patients for behavioral health issues can feel impossible given schedule constraints.

This is where Quartet can help. We recognize that screening for behavioral health is rarely at the top of your list of things to address with your patients. It would actually take a PCP 18 hours per day to offer all recommended services to a group of patients. This is obviously impractical, which is why we’re here to help ensure your patients feel their best, take control of their health, and have the quality of life they deserve.

The next time you see a patient who could use a little extra time, or who just doesn’t feel as well as you think they should, consider Quartet. We’ll contact them, connect them with the resources they need to get better, and keep you in the loop.

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