Expanding access to integrated care through technology

Ben Duchac, RN and Genevieve OlsonProduct and Marketing Teams

Healthcare | Industry | Technology | Nov 8, 2016

To those of you who attended our “Expanding Access to Integrated Behavioral Health through Technology” physician event last night, thank you for being a part of the conversation! The event was a huge success, and we’re so excited to be building the future of collaborative care with our provider partners. Read on for a summary of what went on, some key takeaways, and lessons from our speakers.

At Quartet, we spend a lot of time explaining what we do and helping people see why our mission is one that GV (formerly Google Ventures) believes in deeply. At our event, Dr. Krishna Yeshwant of GV shared insights from his clinical background and expertise in order to shed some light on those questions. GV has begun to invest heavily in health tech companies, allocating more than one-third of their investments to health and life sciences.

We understand that level of investment—we believe forward-looking experts like Dr. Yeshwant are at the forefront of a health tech revolution. As we work towards seamlessly connecting the millions of patients in need to mental healthcare, we have begun to see that mental health is going to be one of the giant public health challenges of the next decade, on the scale of diabetes, smoking, or obesity. To truly drive the scale of the problem home, we heard from Dr. Charles DeShazer, a physician executive at Highmark Health. He showed us that things are truly coming to a head in this space—mental health care costs are over $200 billion annually in the US, and primary care physicians have simply too short of time to adequately address this incredibly complex problem. We intend to be at the heart of the elegant solution that gets great mental healthcare to everyone who needs it, and we are thrilled that GV and Highmark see the same future we do.

So how do you develop technology for physicians who are overworked, under-supported, and tired of technologies that come between them and their patients? Brett Shamosh, Head of Product at Quartet, walked us through the physician-facing product and showed Quartet’s role in arming physicians with a tool that connects patients with behavioral healthcare.

After the product demo, Jeff Soffen, General Manager, Pittsburgh, Quartet showed how far we’ve come, and how where we have to go. Despite our best efforts, today’s medical society is still divided into silos, and integrating care across specialties takes tremendous effort. We recognize that our partner providers are going the be the vanguard into true collaborative care, reaping the benefits of both healthier patients and more time in which to see them.

We’ve been on an incredible journey in Pittsburgh, and we’re a long way from where we were when we first launched. We are still pushing forward every day—learning, building, and pushing forward for our incredible providers and their patients. We have so much more that we’re excited to do, to share, and to achieve—and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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