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Healthcare | Industry | Apr 4, 2017

Collaborative care isn’t as simple as it sounds. Coined as best practice in medical reviews, literature and training, the approach is oftentimes costly and complicated to implement due in part to lack of communication and monitoring systems, ineffective educational programs, and issues of reimbursement.

Despite its complexity, the Collaborative Care Model, which involves a primary care physician, a behavioral health specialist, and increased communication, is shown to improve clinical outcomes and reduce cost and social stigma. In fact, nearly 80 randomized controlled trials have shown Collaborative Care to be more effective than independent care, validated by meta-analysis of the evidence.

Here at Quartet, we believe that integration of behavioral health care and primary care is instrumental in improving mental health in our country. That’s why we’ve built a virtual model to address the key challenges. Our latest product release, “Care Team,” brings collaboration to the forefront – enabling our users, primary care physicians and behavioral health providers, to manage patients together and communicate with each other along the way. Through secure messaging, providers can share patient updates, assessment results, and prescription notices. We’re fostering a team dynamic with providers as the key players in delivering the best patient outcomes.

Our users are embracing a tech-enabled integrated healthcare experience that will help them improve patient care. Pittsburgh-based physician, Dr. Offerman and his wife/office MA, Joyce, are excited about Quartet’s new “Care Team” experience:

“We are looking forward to continuing to use a collaborative care platform like Quartet’s – one where we can exchange essential patient information with a behavioral health provider. Being able to message and engage in a patient’s care plan via the platform – rather than “telephone tag” – will raise the standard of patient care to an even higher level,” says Dr. Offerman, who uses Quartet on a daily basis to support his patients with complex physical and behavioral health challenges.

Quartet continues delivering access to integrated healthcare, and as we grow in markets across the country, we remain committed to our mission to enable every person in our society to thrive by building a collaborative behavioral and physical health ecosystem.

Are you a physician or behavioral health provider interested in learning more about Quartet? Visit here. Or, to engage in the conversation, shoot us a note at hello@quartethealth.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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