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Mental health drives total health.

By integrating physical and mental care, Quartet significantly improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs.

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Driving value in the health ecosystem.

Proven Return

We facilitate member access to mental care to reduce inpatient, ER, and specialist utilization, resulting in ~$115 PMPY savings. (JAMA)

Improved Outcomes

Our member engagement rates are 8-10x higher than usual efforts, leading to higher quality of life, functional status, and reduced use of acute care.

Quality Network

We curate a high-quality network of outcomes-driven behavioral health providers for your physicians and members.

Personalized mental healthcare pathways

Quartet builds a mental health network and scales access to care by connecting members to the appropriate specialized mental health resources - in-person care, telemedicine and more.

“Quartet was able to connect me with someone who I'm comfortable with - I can talk through how I'm feeling which has helped. Without Quartet, I'd be in bad shape. Thanks for your help, Quartet.”

Jason, 42

“I trust that when I refer my patients to a mental health professional in the Quartet network, my patient will get the best care possible - the quality of Quartet’s behavioral health network is exceptional.”

Quartet Primary Care Provider
Pittsburgh, PA

"I like being able to help primary care physicians support their patients struggling with mental health conditions and also the challenge of working on a unique case scenario for each consult."

Quartet Mental Health Provider
Pittsburgh, PA

We work with leading health plans across the country. Join us in our mission!

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