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Updates | Aug 16, 2017

Group practices provide care for a significant number of clients on Quartet. That’s why we have worked closely with group practices across the country to create a product experience tailored to their needs.

Today, we are excited to introduce My Practice on Quartet — a seamless experience for group practice staff to more efficiently manage Quartet activity.

My Practice: Tailored to Your Needs

In building My Practice, our team of engineers, designers, researchers and product experts dedicated significant time understanding group practices on Quartet, who provide services to a range of clients with different needs, financial means, and goals.

We interviewed intake coordinators, administrators (“admins”), and providers at practices across the country, observed how referrals are managed in different settings, and solicited direct feedback on our product and services.

What did we learn? A lot — specifically, we learned that:

  • Admins want more visibility into client status on Quartet and to more easily track client visits and provider notes to and from referring primary care physicians.
  • Intake coordinators want to assign clients to providers at different stages of the intake process.
  • Intake coordinators want to easily manage provider availability on Quartet.

With My Practicewe channeled this feedback to build something that improves the Quartet experience for group practices. Staff can now log in to Quartet and review all the practice’s Quartet clients, track the status of new client referrals, and build a team on Quartet by adding new users and assigning users the appropriate permissions.

Early feedback shows that we’re on the right track, and we will continue to improve the group practice experience on Quartet.

Get the Most Out of My Practice

Ready to check it out? Here are some questions to help you get the most out of My Practice:

I manage client intake at my practice. How is My Practice different from my current experience on Quartet?

With My Practice, you can add new team members to Quartet, manage the availability of all providers in your practice, review all client referrals and assign them to the appropriate provider, and send progress updates on their behalf to help facilitate care collaboration.

I currently use Quartet with one account. What is the benefit of adding providers to my practice?

  1. More accurate matching: Previously we matched to your practice based on one profile as if your group was a single provider. Now, with individual profiles for your practice, we can more accurately match a referral to one of many providers in your practice based on schedule and expertise.
  2. Sending progress updates: Now we can email providers on your behalf when it’s time to send a note (after the first appointment and quick update once a month). This helps PCPs stay more up-to-date on client progress.

Will providers start receiving referrals directly from Quartet?

Intake at a group practice is the critical center for activity at a group practice. To make sure that admins have proper visibility, all referrals go through admin accounts and providers will only see clients in their dashboard if they are assigned to them.

When can an admin assign a referral?

With My Practice, admins can assign a referral upon receiving a referral from Quartet to any admin or provider in their practice. If an admin does both intake and scheduling, they can assign a referral after scheduling the appointment.

Not all of my practice’s providers are available to accept new clients. Can admins manage provider availability?

Admins can see all providers on their practice and mark who is available and who is not available to receive new clients on Quartet. They can “pause” a provider’s availability for a specific duration of time. During this time, Quartet will no longer send referrals to the unavailable provider.

Can admins update their practice profile on Quartet?

From the “My Practice” tab, admins can select “Edit Practice Details” to update the name of the practice, practice NPI, and the address.

Quartet will remind you periodically to make sure your profile is up-to-date. This helps us better match the right clients to your practice.

What about provider information?

Admins can edit a provider or team member profile, including NPI, preferred practice location, insurance, specialties and treatment methods. This helps to ensure that provider information is up-to-date, and practices receive the appropriate clients.

If a provider or team member does not immediately complete a Quartet profile, admins have the ability to complete the profile at any time. They can also resend the invite email directly from My Practice on Quartet.

Are you a member of a group practice on Quartet? Log in now to use My Practice. Have a question or feedback, let us know at support@quartethealth.com

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