Learning to be well without perfect health

Lisa DouthitQuartet Ambassador

Healthcare | Stories | May 16, 2017

Lisa Douthit is a member of Quartet’s Ambassador Program – a select group of individuals who share in Quartet’s mission. Ambassadors help surface the needs, motivations, and mindset of patients and also provide valuable ongoing feedback on Quartet’s products and services. 

Lisa is a best-selling author of Wellness Warrior – Fighting for Life in Fabulous Shoes. She lives in Southern California with a husband, three kids, and two autoimmune diseases.

Here is Lisa’s story: 

The first time I was ever in a hospital was as a 26-year-old having open chest surgery to remove a baseball-sized tumor from behind my heart. Four more cancer diagnoses and two autoimmune diseases later produced a bald, frail me, sickened by toxic yet lifesaving medications and radiation. I was desperately tired of the fight but determined not to let the diseases win.

After being told I could never have children, I turned to the holistic world to strengthen my body, rebuild my immune system and restore my soul. I was so impressed with the results, I spent years educating myself and became a Healer.

I worked hard to clear my physical issues, but then I had to wrestle with my mental state. Some think that post-traumatic stress is only for war veterans, but that’s not the case: I was plagued with the fear of another cancer recurrence. It was both frightening and depressing.

I spent years learning how to cope with living in the unknown. Thank God I had an amazing therapist. She taught me how to process my emotions and helped me live outside of my crippling fear. She told me that disease was going to change me, the question was how? Determined not to be defeated by them, I grew stronger and more resilient with her help,

I became a new version of ‘normal’ and learned how to be well without perfect health. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I’ve learned a lot and hope I can help others learn to be strong as well. 

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