Mental Health Awareness Month: Putting the Patient First

Sarah-Valin Bloom, LCSWClinical Director, Quartet

Blog | Healthcare | May 1, 2019

May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, a 70-year-old national observance steeped in raising awareness, dispelling myths, promoting inclusiveness and supporting those with mental health conditions and their families.  


Since 1949, community events, anti-stigma campaigns, rousing hashtags and high-profile essays have spurred great recognition and discussion. But, the reality is, mental health conditions still sit secondary to physical conditions both in society and in health care.


Here at Quartet, we’re working every day to change that by building collaborative care teams comprised of primary care doctors and mental health care providers to help ensure people get the right mental health care at the right time. We know that central to the teams we’re constructing is the experience of the patient.


When patients discuss their mental health in the primary care office, it empowers physicians to connect them to the right care. And, when a mental health condition like depression is given as much attention as chest pain, overall health can improve and lives can change.   


At Quartet, we believe that mental health conditions should be treated like any other health condition. What if we lived in a world in which we sent “get well” cards to our friend with Major Depressive Disorder? What if we took the time to check in on our co-worker who has been working from home because their Anxiety Disorder has prevented them from leaving the house for the past week? What if we visit with our neighbor who just gave birth, not only to see the baby, but to see how they are doing after a diagnosis of Postpartum Depression?


Mental health touches all of us. What we’re doing here at Quartet isn’t simple, but our mission is: Improve the lives of those living with mental health conditions.  


We’re proud to be on this very important journey, and have you along with us.




Sarah-Valin Bloom, LCSW

Clinical Director, Quartet

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