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July 2020

Quartet Newsletter


Provider Spotlight: Sara Makin, M.S.Ed., NCC, LPC

Sara Makin, M.S.Ed., NCC, LPC, is the founder of Makin Wellness in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and part of the Quartet network since 2018. Quartet spoke to Sara about adjusting to the new normal, changes in her practice and her best advice for other providers.

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Unraveling Racial Experiences

As part of Minority Mental Health Month, Quartet recently hosted a panel to discuss the intersection of race, resilience and mental health. From clinical to corporate, the panel featured guests from various fields as they discussed how their backgrounds have impacted their personal and professional growth. Watch the panel below.


Shattering the Fourth Wall: The Shared Behavioral Health Experiences


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As the pandemic fuels the widespread adoption of telemental health, the line between provider and patient is increasingly blurred. Read more about how technology is creating new challenges and breakthroughs in treatment.


Updates to Telehealth Regulatory and Reimbursement Changes


Telehealth Changes Many public and commercial payers are continuing to amend their telehealth policies so providers can easily treat patients virtually during COVID-19. Here’s the latest.


Send Assessments Directly to Your Patients

You can now send assessments directly to your patients to complete. To do so, simply select Send to Patient next to the relevant assessment in any active patient’s timeline. The patient will then receive an email or SMS to complete it. Please note that patients must have agreed to email or SMS outreach to receive the assessment notification.


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Mobile App Update: View Your Entire Quartet Caseload

We’ve added a new Client List feature to our mobile app! Now, you can view your entire Quartet caseload, anytime, anywhere.

The new Client List feature can be found on the menu at the bottom of your screen. You’ll be able to see your full list of current Quartet patients, easily access patient information, as well as search for specific patients.

Here’s what else you can do with the Quartet iOS mobile app:

  • Accept or decline new referrals
  • Call patients with a single click
  • Schedule appointments
  • Assign providers
  • Mark attendance

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