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Mustafa ShabibCTO

Industry | Technology | Sep 22, 2015

With the proliferation of technology in so many industries, the need for talented engineers to join software companies and solve massive technical challenges has never been greater. But the reality is that it takes more than an interesting technical challenge, a paycheck, and equity in a growing company to attract and retain top talent.

For me and the rest of the engineering team here at Quartet Health, we’re motivated by a mission to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered to millions of people, and this common goal has banded us together in a way I’ve never before seen in my career.

Our mission is to build a collaborative mental and physical healthcare ecosystem that enables every member of our society to thrive. Electronic Health Records (EHRs), which are intended to store and transmit patient information, have become much more prevalent in the past decade, but EHRs can’t guarantee collaboration between doctors.

In the mental health space, collaboration between a patient’s primary care doctor and therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist is critical, and even more critical for those individuals with a co-occurring medical condition like diabetes or cancer. These patients experience poor, uncoordinated care and often get lost in our healthcare system. If you or someone close to you has ever suffered from a mental health condition, you know that these issues are not only hard on the individual, but for the family members and friends as well.

Our engineers are creating an ecosystem that allows doctors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, insurance providers and, most importantly, patients to work together. We’re building tools like telemedicine, advanced online treatments, automated referral workflows, and online support communities into our platform to help patients get better. We’re also better identifying patients with undiagnosed mental health conditions and those who are at risk for developing such conditions.

Generating these insights and collecting the data we need requires highly advanced technology systems—distributed workflow orchestration services, data pipelines and analysis tools, a smattering of your favorite database technologies, and React front-end apps, to name a few.

The costs of poor healthcare are too high for society, both economically and socially, and an influx of talented engineers into the healthcare environment can dramatically improve the quality of care both we and our families receive. Driven by purpose and motivated by mission, Engineering at Quartet is paving the way for the transformation of healthcare delivery, at a time when the need couldn’t be greater. If you’re into building great technology and solving meaningful problems, we want to hear from you.

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