Physician burnout: solving for optimal care

Quartet Team

Healthcare | Jan 26, 2017

According to a 2017 report released by MedScape, 51% of U.S. physicians feel burnout. But what exactly does “burnout” mean? In the report, it is defined as a loss of enthusiasm for work, feelings of cynicism, and a low sense of personal accomplishment.

If 1 out of 2 physicians feels burnout, odds are that some patients may not receive optimal care.

Physicians across this country are experiencing burnout, and it’s impacting the care patients receive. In fact, a systematic review of 46 studies found consistent associations between poor well-being plus moderate to high levels of burnout in physicians and higher numbers of self-reported medical errors.

Furthermore, physicians typically are only able to spend 7 to 10 minutes with each patient, which seems barely enough time to have an in-depth conversation about all aspects of patient health – both mind and body.

Various other factors also contribute to physician dissatisfaction, including the overload of bureaucratic tasks, such as paperwork and insurance; too much time spent in the office; and pay not commensurate with workload.

At Quartet, we believe the most efficacious care focuses on both physical and mental health, and the need for holistic care is as important as ever. There is simply not enough time to discuss outlying factors which could potentially prolong patients’ ailment(s). In essence, it is time that hinders some from engaging in a more in-depth conversation with patients involving their mental health. And, in turn, some physicians are only able to manage care more reactively – as symptoms or illness pop up over time.

Proactive, holistic care can be achieved by complementing care with a program like Quartet’s. Physicians can easily connect their patients with appropriate mental health care and track patient progress over time. At Quartet, we are here to support physicians in working as efficiently as possible and ensuring their care is effective and focused. By providing physicians with the tools they need to holistically manage their patients’ health, we hope to help improve patient care, and aid in the reduction of burnout.

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