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Peace of mind about getting your patients the mental health care they need

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A comprehensive mental health care solution, connecting your patients to the right care

We team up with leading health plans and systems to bring you a free, HIPAA-compliant solution.

Better health outcomes

Collaborative care has been clinically proven to improve treatment adherence.




Faster speed to care

65% of referrals connect with a provider within 36 hours.

Concierge support

Access to psychiatric curbside consults, mental health providers, and care navigators.

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How it works

  • Refer patients to mental health services

  • Match patients to personalized care

  • Collaborate on treatment plans and progress

  • Learn which patients may need more support

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Every patient is unique — their treatment should be, too

We connect patients to personalized care based on their treatment needs, insurance, and location.

Therapy: in-person or video

We offer patients short term, evidence-based therapy provided by a licensed psychotherapist to help patients cope with emotional and physical issues. Sessions are conducted in-person or virtually, usually weekly for 45-60 minutes.

Psychiatry: in-person or video

We match patients who may benefit from medication to a psychiatrist for care either in-person or virtually. Additionally, providers can connect with a psychiatrist for a “curbside consult” within 24 hours and for psych rounding.

Online CBT-based program

We partner with Joyable to offer free, online daily modules and activities focused on problem-solving and skill-building to support patients managing anxiety and depression. The program lasts approximately 8 weeks.

Psychiatric consultation

We help primary care providers access a "curbside consult" with a psychiatrist within 24 hours to consult on patients' medication needs.
  • [Mental health] is all-encompassing for patients. I can’t do it by myself – Quartet is doing the legwork by getting patients the care that they need.

    Dr. Paul Yuratich, MD Primary Care, Ochsner Health System

  • I had a rough year with a double knee replacement, multiple falls, and hospitalizations. My doctor referred me to Quartet because of anxiety and long-standing issues with sleep. Getting connected to a psychiatrist and counselor has helped and I haven’t been to a hospital or ER since.

    Peter Quartet Member

  • Before Quartet there was no linkage between doctors and therapists, making it difficult to get clients the services they need. Quartet was able to bridge that gap.

    Angela Antee, LCSW

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