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Connect your patients to mental health support.

Quartet's free online service helps you identify patients with mental health conditions and connect them with the right support for improved total health.

Why Quartet for your practice?

Patient insights

We identify patients with mental health conditions that exacerbate their physical illness and diminish quality of life.

High-quality network

Easily refer your patients to local therapists and psychiatrists vetted for experience and expertise.

Practice efficiency

Reduce unnecessary calls, longer visits, and medical crises over time by getting patients mental health support.

Quality care tailored to your patient's needs.

Quartet offers personalized care pathways to meet your patients where they are along their mental health journey based on treatment needs, insurance, location, and preferences for engaging in care.

When Quartet first came to us, it was like a light turned on. People came to our practice asking for therapists but I didn't really know where to go from there. [Mental health] is all-encompassing for patients. I can't do it by myself - Quartet is doing the legwork by getting patients the care that they need.
Dr. Paul Yuratich, MD, primary care physician
New Orleans, LA
Quartet is making sure my patients get what they need - whether that's a visit with a mental health provider, a recommendation to adjust medication, or an assessment - and I love that they give me regular updates on my patients.
Dr. Janice Patacsil-Trull, DO, primary care physician
Attleboro, MA
Quartet's mission of improving access to mental health services and making integrated healthcare a reality is one that will make a real impact on the lives of our patients.
Dr. Sanjay Shetty, President of Steward Medical Group
Boston, MA

Start using Quartet in your practice today.