Quartet and Highmark: advancing integrated behavioral health

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Updates | Oct 24, 2016

We’re excited to share that our very own Jeff Soffen, General Manager, Pittsburgh, is featured on Highmark Health’s blog for our partnership with Highmark Inc., and the role we play in bringing integrated behavioral health to Pittsburgh.

In addition to being personally driven by Quartet’s mission, Jeff is a passionate champion of Quartet’s partnership with Highmark.

“I decided to join Quartet after seeing the health care system fail my family members who were struggling with behavioral health conditions. After meeting our founder and CEO, Arun Gupta, I was convinced he had the mission orientation, passion, and industry experience to build a company that would change the way behavioral health care is delivered in this country.”

One in five Americans experiences a behavioral health condition each – a fact that continues to motivate Jeff on a daily basis.

“Tens of millions of individuals experience behavioral health issues each year, and a large proportion of them have co-occurring chronic physical issues. So, for example, a person is battling depression or alcoholism, which impacts their ability to manage type 2 diabetes — and maybe having a chronic disease contributed to developing depression or alcoholism in the first place. People with multiple challenges like that understandably tend to have poor health outcomes across the board, and tend to incur high health care costs as well.”

To learn more about our partnership with Highmark Inc., click here.

To read the blog post, click here.

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