Quartet’s Successful 2019 Hackathon

Quartet Team

Blog | Oct 15, 2019

Quartet just wrapped up another successful hackathon, with more participants and higher quality projects presented than ever before.

While hackathons are traditionally an effort organized and executed solely by engineers, at Quartet, the whole company gets involved to make it a truly cross-discipline, collaborative effort. Ideas were generated from people across the company.

Ten cross-functional teams comprised of Quartetians from across the company — including Clinical, Operations, Data Science, Product, and Technology departments — who live and work all over the country, worked hard on their projects over the span of 48 hours, putting in long hours to make sure they were ready to demo at the final presentations. Since the ideas were so strong and people were genuinely passionate about their work, the participants were inspired and motivated to win.

“Despite producing community hackathons, this was the first time I’d participated in one within my own company- and, I loved it!” said Margaret Smiley, Senior Data Integration Specialist at Quartet. “My team, made up of data science, engineering, design, product, and clinical experts, spent three days researching and developing how Quartet can better serve patients with postpartum depression, an idea spurred by the Women’s employee resource group at Quartet. It was refreshing to work alongside brilliant Quartetians outside of my day-to-day team and creatively address a problem that I hadn’t previously worked on. To me, hackathons embody innovation principles and are a chance to engage cross-functional teams in a collaborative way, a process I was grateful to be a part of Quartet.”


The winners received a trophy, a prize, bragging rights, and shoutouts for their work.

After working together to create their projects, the teams presented their ideas to the entire company. The projects included brand new product ideas, deeper analysis of internal data, better working environments for employees, and improving the engineering infrastructure and performance of Quartet’s product offering. Quartet staff then voted for their top three favorite projects. 

The winners received a trophy, a prize, bragging rights, and shoutouts for their work.

“The hackathon was fun. I got to work with talented engineers across several teams to solve an interesting problem using optical character recognition,” said Charles Thomas, Fullstack Engineer at Quartet and one of this year’s winners. “My team was excited to have produced a working prototype in such a short period of time. Our company has a culture of supporting these projects even after the hackathon ends, so we’re looking forward to seeing this shipped to our users.”

After last year’s hackathon, three of the projects were adopted by the company and incorporated into Quartet’s product offering. With such strong ideas this year, it will be exciting to see which will be pursued further.

“The hackathon was a great opportunity to take a break from day to day responsibilities in order to work on a cool idea or technology,” said Avon Fernandes, Director of Product Management at Quartet. “It is an exhilarating experience to work with a team of fellow Quartetians that can take an idea all the way from a concept to something that can be demoed, all within 48 hours. A hackathon has the ability to demonstrate the art of the possible.”

“I really enjoyed being part of this year’s hackathon,” said Brad Moore, Vice President of Engineering at Quartet. “I was able to engage in details, explore tools and technologies and collaborate with engineers in a way that’s usually not possible as a VP.”


Kudos to all the hard work of this year’s participants!

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