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Our platform relies on advanced analytics, proven treatment programs, and modern technology to make healthcare work for providers, patients, and insurers.

Primary Care Providers Behavioral Health Providers Health Plans, Provider Systems, & Employers Patients
Primary Care Providers
  • Refer a patient to the best behavioral care pathway for them
  • Curbside consult with a psychiatrist over the phone
  • Advanced behavioral screenings run proactively and longitudinally
  • Receive patient progress updates along the way
Behavioral Health Providers
  • Collaborate with primary care providers around patient treatment paths
  • Receive referrals with the option to accept or pass at no risk
  • Use billing and scheduling tools to run your practice better
  • Patient-facing tools help you care for patients more effectively between visits
Health Plans, Provider Systems, & Employers
  • Identify individuals with undiagnosed behavioral health conditions
  • Understand the concurrence of chronic medical and behavioral health conditions
  • Offer an additional benefit to employers and members
  • Improve practice pattern profiling and optimize provider networks
  • Participate in free online treatment programs to help manage conditions
  • Connect with peers and receive support throughout the patient journey
  • Access resources and information to better understand conditions and treatments
  • Securely communicate with therapists and psychiatrists by phone or video chat

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