We advocated for men’s health in Movember and we’re not stopping now

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Updates | Nov 30, 2017

There’s a good chance you have someone close to you — father, brother, uncle, friend, neighbor, colleague — who has suffered from cancer. It affects nearly all of our lives as nearly one in four deaths among men are attributed to cancer.

That’s more than 315 million people annually, and many of them are dying at an earlier age than expected. Even more distressing is that half of cancer patients experience depression or anxiety — which increases risk of fatality by 30 percent.

Men are dying too young, and the fact that they are likely not getting mental health support is exacerbating the problem.

We’re working on this problem at Quartet every day by partnering with physicians to connect patients with chronic diseases to mental health providers. It’s why we teamed up to support the Movember Foundation this November to “stop men dying too young.”

Quartet and Movember have a shared mission: connecting people with care to improve their overall health. This is no easy feat as studies have found that men — particularly those who are older and have a higher risk for cancer — are less likely to acknowledge a mental health issue and are reluctant to seek support. Many men are hesitant to self-disclose information about their mental health, and too often, providers do not prompt those questions.

Primary care providers are in a unique position to reduce stigma and break down these barriers to get people the care they need. While a patient may not seek therapy on his own, he likely will turn to his primary care provider when experiencing symptoms related to or exacerbated by a mental health condition.

Quartet’s data and technology-enabled services help providers intervene when patients experience mental health challenges and create access to the right kind of care.

Today is the last day of Movember. In the past 30 days, our team members have sported handlebar mustaches, joined Movember in ringing the NASDAQ closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange, done push-ups and squats around the office, and come up with some pretty wacky challenges to push each other to raise more for the cause.

It’s been a lot of fun, but more importantly, it’s all been driven by our dedication to furthering this lifesaving mission. Our team members are going to shave off their mustaches, but this is certainly not the end of our efforts to support men’s total health.

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