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Navigating Needs, Together

At Whole Health, we understand that it can be challenging to find resources that meet all the needs an individual has. Providers and support for issues related to physical health, mental health and social services can be scattered, and accessing them can be time consuming and confusing. That’s why we’ve simplified things by pairing patients with a Whole Health provider, who will offer treatment and valuable connections to additional services.

  • No additional out-of-pocket costs.
  • In-person and virtual visits with qualified providers, experienced in medical and behavioral health conditions.
  • 24/7 access to the care team.
  • Includes care coordination for both physical and mental health needs, including coordination of other providers such as specialists.
  • Support with community resources, which includes services for things like transportation, housing, or food assistance.
  • Medication management and support.
  • Access to providers when you need them, to prevent unnecessary visits to the hospital so you can focus on your goals and living your life.

Complex Conditions Require Comprehensive Care

As a service offered by Clover Health, Whole Health by Quartet is available at no additional cost to members. That means, comprehensive care for patients managing complex conditions is not only accessible, it’s more affordable.

We understand that an individual’s whole health requires a holistic approach to wellness. With a wrap-around approach to care, we make the overwhelming easier to navigate, with the hope that coordinated support and treatment allows patients to stay out of the hospital, achieve their goals, manage their conditions and live their fullest lives.

A Patient-Focused Approach

Patients in need of care or support interact with one dedicated Whole Health by Quartet provider, who offers treatment and connections to services that meet the varied needs an individual encounters, from housing to medication management to transportation, psychiatry and any physical health concerns.

patient screening

Individual barriers

Care Coordination Challenges

Our whole-person approach coordinates care to meet physical and mental health needs.

Clinical Expertise

Our clinicians are trained to meet the specific needs of patients being treated.

Connecting With Providers

Our providers deliver care in a culturally appropriate way and ensure patients maintain continuity of care.

patient screening

Medical Program Barriers

Clinical Environment Adjustment

Patients can be seen virtually or in-person, giving patients the option of which environment works best for them.

Reaching Treatment Goals

Our whole-person approach allows patients to set and achieve goals while receiving support that is needed along the way.

Health System Level Barriers

Navigating a Fragmented System

By working across care networks, our program makes it easier for patients and care partners to work together to achieve the highest quality care.

Social Support

Our program taps into the support network offered in a patient’s community to leverage social support.

Financial Constraints

As a partner to Clover Health, our program is available at no cost to Clover members.

We're Quartet

Quartet is a technology and services company on a mission to improve the lives of people living with mental health conditions. Founded in 2014, Quartet believes an altered healthcare system is needed in order to make sure that every person who needs care receives it. We work with providers, insurance plans and patients to make the journey to wellness easier. Learn more at

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2) Schedule your first visit

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3) Get assigned to a consistent care team

Receive coordinated care across all of your needs with the help of your individual care team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

As a service of Clover Health plans, members have access to Whole Health by Quartet at no additional cost.

I live with a condition that is considered SMI. Is this program for me?

The care team at Whole Health has extensive experience working with patients who live with a severe mental illness, and we understand that these complex conditions require a comprehensive, holistic approach to care to achieve the best outcomes.

Can Whole Health help me manage my mental health condition and my chronic health problems?

Yes. The foundation of the program is designed to help patients receive care for all of their needs to include those associated with mental health conditions, physical health conditions or social service issues.