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50% of American adults live with a chronic illness

42 million also have a mental health condition

Of those, 60% don’t receive the mental health treatment they need

Total health includes mental health

Physical and mental health continue to be treated separately in our healthcare system, resulting in ineffective treatment, unnecessary hospitalizations, and emotional distress. That’s where we come in. We use technology to effectively integrate care to improve patient outcomes, quality of life, and cost of care.

Together we can improve patient care

Quartet is building a collaborative online platform to make integrated care a reality.

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Data-driven recommendations

Using medical history and real-time assessments, we identify patients who likely have an underlying mental health condition and offer insights to providers to create a treatment plan for overall health.


Robust mental health network

We quickly build a mental health network, carefully vetting every mental health professional, and leverage our proprietary algorithm to match patients with a provider who best meets their needs.


Seamless online communication

We facilitate online collaboration between a patient’s care team — including primary care and mental health providers — to ensure ongoing coordination of patient care.

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  • It works like a dream. I can connect patients to care within a minute and follow through with them and their mental health providers. Quartet saves time while improving patient care!

    Dr. Kim Pierce, MD Primary Care, Allegheny Health Network

  • Quartet’s ability to connect patients to the right care through technology has really improved quality of care. Quartet is changing lives on a daily basis.

    Kevin Caridad, LCSW, PhD CEO, Cognitive Behavior Institute

  • Quartet is going to save lives. With no exaggeration. Our society and all of the people seeking care who would otherwise give up because of the level of difficulty need Quartet!

    Ashlea Quartet member

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