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Helping patients live a healthier, happier, more productive life.

Quartet facilitates health collaboration to improve people’s emotional well-being and management of physical needs.

Collaborative healthcare for physicians.

Quartet connects primary care and mental health providers to improve patients’ total health and quality of life.

Collaborative healthcare for therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers.

Quartet connects primary care and mental health providers to improve patients’ quality of life and total health.

Primary Care Providers

Do you believe that good healthcare means treating both the mind and body?

Mental Health Providers

Do you want to grow your practice by collaborating with primary care providers?

Closing the Gap

Our free platform integrates mental health into primary care to prevent patients from falling through the cracks of a siloed healthcare system.


patients with chronic disease

have an untreated, underlying mental health condition

patients referred by primary care

do not attend their first mental health appointment

daily emergency room visits

stem from an underlying mental health issue

A program that works.

We connect patients to a goal-driven therapy program that addresses their underlying mental health conditions and steers them towards better health.

“My low energy and physical weakness had to do with how I was feeling emotionally. Typically, I’m not open to talk about myself to anybody, but Quartet found me a counselor who was really nice and I enjoyed our conversations. After meeting with the counselor for a short time, it was like all of a sudden I was back to being myself.”

Patient | Seattle, WA

A colleague you can trust.

We combine local expertise and data analytics to pair primary care providers with the best mental health providers in each community, who together guide patients to their goals.

“I like helping PCPs support their patients struggling with mental health conditions and the challenge of working on a unique case scenario at each consult.”

Mental Health Provider | Pittsburgh, PA

A platform that connects.

Primary care and mental health providers can now virtually communicate, stay updated on patient progress, and ensure the continuity of their patients’ care.

“Quartet is making sure my patients get what they need—whether that’s a visit with a mental health provider, a recommendation to adjust medication, or an assessment—and I love that they give me regular updates on my patients.”

Primary Care Provider | Boston, MA

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