A platform and service to better navigate mental health care


Increased access

Physicians can easily connect patients to mental health care, and we’ll prioritize referrals to your in-system mental health resources first. Our network of providers and digital care solutions are available for any patient whose needs can't be met internally.

seamless integration

Efficient workflow integration

Quartet can embed into current practice workflows and EHRs, so physicians and staff can continue to operate in the way that's best for them.


Support value-based care

We’ll work with you to continue to advance value-based care, no matter where you are in your journey.


A better bottom line

Engage patients who need mental health care at the right time, so you can make the most of your system’s resources.

What your staff can do with Quartet

Refer patients

Create referrals for patients who require mental health care. Patients are then matched to a provider based on their needs, preferences, and insurance.

Refer Patients
Track Progress

Track patients' progress

Stay up to date on patients’ treatment and progress once they’re referred to mental health care.

Receive support

Consult in real-time with psychiatrists on managing patients’ medication.

Receive Support
Proactive Screening

Proactive patient screening

Generate insights about patients’ health, to learn more about who may need mental health support.

Stay in the loop

Receive regular reports on the system’s mental health metrics to help track progress.

All names and information are fictitious and used only as examples.
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In numbers

Health systems are important partners to help get patients to the right care.

More than 150,000 patients have been referred to mental health care via Quartet, and more than 85 percent of those patients were referred from health systems.

Health System Partners

You’ll be in good company

Over 60 health systems around the country work with us to deliver improved mental health care. Below are a few of the systems we work with.

Map of Quartet's current markets

1Summit Medical Group is a health care provider.

Improve the total health of your community

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to onboard a health system to Quartet?

Depending on your system’s size and existing workflows, onboarding can range from one week to up to four months. On average, onboarding is completed in one month. This includes clinical workflow discussions, legal review, and provider and staff training. If systems are interested in a full EHR integration, we guarantee onboarding completion in three months.

How can Quartet work with my practice's EHR?

Quartet is easy to use and can be integrated with EHRs like Epic, Cerner, GE Centricity, and Allscripts. Our team will work your system's practices on the most efficient way to use the platform.