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On Masculinity and Intimacy

When we hear “men” and “intimacy”, what often follows is “romance” or “family.” Western society in particular expects men to […]

A Conversation for Everyone

Storm systems come and they go. Some are loud and thunderous, lasting for days, while others blow over quickly. Growing […]

7 things i wish i knew about therapy

7 Things I Wished I’d Known Before Starting Therapy

Going to therapy is like opening up a history book about yourself, written by you, and sharing it with a stranger.



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What Microaggressions Are Really Doing to Your Health

What Microaggressions Are Really Doing to Your Health

They may have the word “micro” in them, but microaggressions are often likened to “death by a thousand cuts.”

care options

What Kind of Mental Health Care Options Can I Access Through Quartet?

Learn more about the care options available through Quartet.

Difficulty With Concentration

Difficulty With Concentration

For some people, difficulty concentrating is more than getting knocked off track.


Quartet's company blog

Building a Brand that Prioritizes Our Patients

You may have noticed our  look has changed a bit. Not just because we wanted a more vibrant color. In […]

Provider Spotlight: Sara Makin, Founder, Makin Wellness

Sara Makin, M.S.Ed., NCC, LPC, is the founder of Makin Wellness in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and part of the Quartet network since 2018.

Black Lives Matter

We all have a role to play to dismantle racism. Quartet’s role is to fight racism in mental health care.