A Guide to Quartet’s Different Teams and Their Functions 

Quartet teams

October 12, 2020

Business Development

New customers are critical to Quartet’s growth, and our Business Development team identifies, nurtures, and signs prospective health plans and systems to work with us. This team expands our footprint and brings Quartet to more markets nationwide. 

Business Operations

Quartet’s Business Operations teams support the organization’s growth and scaling in the most efficient way possible. This could be through the delivery of data and insights through the Business Intelligence team, and project management capabilities to streamline cross-functional operations. 

Clinical Operations 

Our Clinical Operations department supports patients throughout their journey to care by building a network of high-quality mental health care options and Quartet services. Teams within this department cover care navigation, clinical policy, and the acquisition, implementation, and operations of our mental health care options network. 


Whether it’s in-house counsel that keeps us legally-compliant, finance friends who manage budgets and payroll, or administrative teams, this department ensures that Quartet runs as smoothly as possible. 

Data and Analytics

Quartet’s Data and Analytics team studies and analyzes our customer data, and shares these insights with the organization. The team also builds models to predict mental health needs among populations and suggest the right mental health care for patients. 


Our Engineering team is focused on building and operating a world-class mental health care platform for people and providers. The department includes engineering managers, full stack engineers, core engineers, data platform engineers, data integration specialists and SDET’s.

Growth and Commercialization 

The Growth and Commercialization team translates Quartet’s strategic vision into different revenue opportunities. These teams identify, test, and refine capabilities that we should be building and partnering with to fuel our revenue growth. 

Market Activations and Customer Success

Quartet’s Market Activations and Customer Success teams are responsible for delivering value to customers, which starts with building a strong local presence in each of our markets. This includes partnering with leading health systems, physician practices, and other channels to start patients on their journey to get the mental health care they need.

Marketing and External Affairs

Responsible for making Quartet known to the public and our users, the Marketing and External Affairs team takes care of the company’s PR and communications, policy and engagement, brand strategy, and growing and engaging our user base. 


Quartet’s People department includes our recruiting, human resources, and learning and development teams. These teams are responsible for bringing in the brightest new talent, managing employee relations, and supporting the development and wellness of current Quartetians.

Product and Design

The Product and Design teams plan and build the best possible platform for all our audiences – people, referring providers, and mental health providers. This team consists of product managers, designers, and researchers who listen to our audiences and build the best solution for them. 

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