Anay Patel Takes On New, Expanded Role As President And Chief Operating Officer Of Quartet Health

Christina Mainelli, CEO

March 15, 2024

I am thrilled to announce that Anay Patel, Quartet’s Chief Operating Officer, has taken on a new, expanded role as President and Chief Operating Officer!

Anay came to Quartet with an impressive track record of both strategic and operational accomplishments, having helped grow and scale multiple digital health companies. He has brought that same success to Quartet since his arrival in 2021. Anay is a trusted leader across our organization, known for his deep understanding of our customers and business, his people-first leadership style, and his focus on building high performing teams.

Anay was instrumental in Quartet’s transformation from a technology company focused on referral coordination to one of the largest tech-enabled behavioral health provider groups in the country. Today, we are looking ahead to an exciting period of continued growth and new milestones. We deliver care across 34 markets with a team of 250+ providers,  reach over 600K patients annually, and expect to continue scaling our Whole Health program for patients with serious mental illness (SMI). We are well on our path to even greater accomplishments, and I know Anay’s leadership, strategic approach, and proven results, will accelerate our ability to execute on Quartet’s future vision: to be the nation’s leading model for whole, human, behavioral healthcare.

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