Building a Brand that Prioritizes Our Patients

David Wennberg, Chief Executive Officer

November 10, 2020

You may have noticed our  look has changed a bit. Not just because we wanted a more vibrant color. In fact, I’m colorblind but I’ve been assured by our team that the new purple in our logo is quite snazzy. No, we’ve updated the Quartet brand so that it truly reflects the work we’re doing every day to improve the lives of people with mental health conditions. 

Quartet’s platform makes it easier for people to get the best mental health care for them. 

This is care that fits people’s preferences and clinical needs, takes their insurance, and links to the rest of their healthcare experience. 

Founded in 2014, Quartet’s vision is a day when every person with a mental health condition can get the care they need. To get there we’re building a better mental health care system for the 21st century. One where mental health care is tied to the rest of a person’s healthcare. One where people can easily find the care they’re looking for, and is covered by their insurance. One where people get connected to care that helps them feel their best. And one that people continue to go back to throughout their lifetimes, based on their changing needs. 

We recognize that mental health care isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some people want in-person care; others prefer home telehealth appointments or digital care through a secure app, some want all as their needs change over time. We are continuing to build a robust network of options to get people the care they need, including in-person therapy and psychiatry, tele-based therapy and psychiatry, and digital care options such as computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (cCBT). Quartet’s SmartMatch technology matches people to the best care for them. This helps to make more efficient use of the limited specialists and gets people to the best care for them more quickly. 

At Quartet, we want to make sure people don’t just get any care — we want them to get high-quality mental health care. To do that, we’re measuring and defining the quality of care patients receive to understand whether their overall health improves. Through our platform, we use clinical assessments to baseline a person’s health, giving providers an understanding of a person’s needs so they can set treatment goals. Over time, mental health providers can track their patients’ progress, and know if their patients are getting healthier from treatment. With this data, we also know what providers have expertise in treating specific conditions. With insights into a person’s needs — and knowing providers’ clinical expertise — we can match people to a provider who has the highest probability of treating their condition.

From there, we can work with health insurance companies to use this data on the quality of care a provider delivers, in order to pay them more for delivering great care. People with mental health conditions get healthier. Health insurance plans save on long-term costs. And providers earn more money to practice patient-centric care. This is a win for health insurance plans, providers, and most critically, people who need care. 

Our new visual brand

Quartet’s new brand is a reflection of how Quartet is evolving as we continue to expand access to quality mental health care. Our new look, feel, and messaging reflect our mission, as well as the 21st century mental health care system we are building. We’ve built an experience that’s all about helping people get healthy. With patients as our North Star, we know that keeping people front and center helps them get the care they need when they need it.  It also helps mental health providers, referring providers, and health plans who want to make it easier for people to get the right care. 

Quartet is working to build a better mental health care system. We know that to get there, we’ll have to continue to innovate, listen, and adapt to the needs of our patients. That’s why it’s fitting that our new brand resembles a “wave.”  Brainwaves spark our creativity and innovation that drives our company forward. 

A wave can mean many different things. At Quartet, the wave represents both the idea of brainwaves and the journey of mental health— moving from left to right, from lower to higher—but not without some troughs to suggest the imperfect nature of the mental health journey. It also represents the ongoing support Quartet gives to patients. By helping people get the right care when they need it, rather than waiting until someone is in crisis, we can help more people get the care they need earlier in their journey. 

One more thing we love about waves: They have no true beginning or end. They continuously build upon each other as they seek to create something new. I like to think that is what’s happening here. Continuously building on our foundations?

Building a mental healthcare system fit for the 21st century is hard but if anyone can do it, it’s this team. Now more than ever, people need easier access to mental health care. Mental health care needs have increased dramatically during the pandemic, and Quartet is proud of our work and a new brand that makes it even easier for people to get the mental health care that is best for them.

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