Honored to Join the Quartet Team

Puneet Singh, CEO, Quartet Health

Puneet Singh, CEO, Quartet Health

February 1, 2021

2020 was a challenging year in so many ways. It was a year that brought stress, worry, and problems in several dimensions of our lives. For me, it also brought a heightened awareness around mental health needs.

As I reflected on this past year, I thought about how I could help tackle a problem that continues to impact so many.  It is through this lens that I am humbled, excited, and grateful to join Quartet Health as Chief Executive Officer. 

Mental health is a cause that is personal to me, and I’ve seen firsthand how every aspect of the system is complicated.  Getting access to care is hard.  Identifying the right treatment is hard.  Staying on track is hard.

Coming from an immigrant background, I know that this can be even more challenging for minority communities. The stigma is real. 

There is also a supply-demand imbalance: people of color have a hard time finding mental health care providers who can relate to their specific needs or challenges. This was particularly the case where I grew up – a small town of less than 10,000 people. There just aren’t enough mental health providers to meet the needs of patients, especially in rural locations.

I am energized to join the Quartet team to change this reality.  

Quartet helps people quickly and easily get the most appropriate mental health care for their needs. We have a unique opportunity to help improve access to care for those who need it now more than ever. Working with our partners and customers, we can scale our technology and services across the country

Last year, I had the opportunity to get to know David Wennberg, members of the Quartet team, and the board of directors. Through these conversations, it became clear to me that Quartet is the company positioned to disrupt the mental health care space. 

I’m excited to join them on this journey and grateful for the warm welcome I’ve already received. I’m also looking forward to partnering with David — he has led this company through unprecedented growth, and we are fortunate to have him on our board of directors as we guide the company into our next stage. 

Throughout my career, my passion has been improving the lives of patients, focusing on quality of care and improved health outcomes. My past experiences working with providers in moving to value-based care models, scaling a company focused on a transformed end-of-life care experience, and driving innovation inside of a large payer have given me the conviction and courage to now work on one of the largest challenges of our time: improving mental health care.

The journey will not be easy; solving hard problems never is. Yet, Quartet has built an ambitious and hardworking team that is fiercely committed to supporting people with mental health conditions. Working together, we can shed light on a problem that, for too long, has been in the dark.  

I’m thrilled to get started!

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