Mental Wellness Allows Teams To Live Out Core Values

Wellness Warriors

May 15, 2024

The importance of mental health is gaining recognition the world over as more high-profile individuals speak about it, campaigns — like Mental Health Awareness Month — advocate for it, and organizations make strides to create and foster environments that support it.

From work-life balance initiatives to benefits packages that include mental health-related services to ERGs that allow employees to connect with coworkers across like-minded topics and experiences, mental health and mental wellness is getting the attention it has long deserved.

Prioritizing mental health also positions organizations to more effectively execute on their core values. When members of an organization understand that their mental health is valued, and that they need to and are encouraged to prioritize it, it promotes an overall atmosphere where organizations are operating at their best.

At Quartet Health, this is the ethos we embrace, not just during Mental Health Awareness Month — as we embark on a Wellness Warrior Challenge — but every day. We’ve found that our core values create a supportive and meaningful environment for our team members.

Put patients first. As an organization committed to making mental health care easier, we put patients first. As we both enable and deliver care, our dedication to putting patients first extends to our team members. Putting patients first prioritizes the real reason we do the work that we do. When we stay laser-focused on the “why” of our work, we’re able to perform at our best.

Operate as one team. As an organization, we value a team atmosphere and team effort, with an understanding that a cohesive environment helps us all achieve our goals. And through the work we do, most notably with our new Whole Health by Quartet program, we care for individuals living with serious mental illness, helping them maintain a stable, healthy life. We view the health of our own team members through the same lens. Encouraging team members to prioritize their mental health allows us, as an organization, to more effectively operate as one team.

Execute with excellence. We expect our team members to commit to their work with an understanding that excellence is the goal. The patients we work with deserve it. And, operating at that level requires a commitment to yourself as an individual, as well, from a wellness perspective.

Remain resilient. Challenges are inevitable, both personally and professionally. At Quartet, we recognize that. Part of a commitment to remaining resilient includes an investment in mental health and wellness practices. Creating room for recovery is essential to fostering resiliency. That’s a spirit we embrace both with our internal team, and also with our external partners and patients.

Innovate with speed and intention. We wholeheartedly believe that necessity is the mother of invention, which is why focused innovation is part of our DNA. Our Whole Health program, mentioned above, is an example of that innovation, developed with speed and intention. We welcome the opportunities that allow us to try something different, on an individual basis or as a team, because we never know the answers that could come from it.


This Mental Health Awareness Month, we challenged our team to live our core values loudly and proudly. Every Wednesday in May (#WellnessWednesdays!), we asked our team (#WellnessWarriors!) to commit to a wellness activity. This could include: practicing gratitude by writing in a journal; a 30-minute walk outside; silencing all notifications and listening to a favorite podcast; enjoying a favorite drink at a local cafe … any version of self-care that helps our team stay balanced and well.

After all, we can’t show up for others if we don’t show up for ourselves.

How are you showing up for yourself this Mental Health Awareness Month?

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