My Mission Moment

Members of the Quartet Alliance for Disability (QuAD) Employee Resource Group

May 29, 2020

Members of the Quartet Alliance for Disability (QuAD) Employee Resource Group shared their “mission moment” with each other.

“When I was younger, I didn’t foresee mental health being a major factor in all areas of my life. I didn’t have one singular mission moment. I had a bunch, over a long period of time. I had a moment when I realized my relationships would function very differently than what was thought of as “normal”. I had a moment when I failed my first class ever in college, and not because I wasn’t smart enough to pass but because I couldn’t bring myself out of bed in the morning to make it to lecture. I had a moment when I questioned if my new definition of life could be as enjoyable as the life I had dreamt of having when I was a little boy. Now I know that these moments were all a part of my journey of figuring out my mental health. I know there will be more “mission moments” as life goes on. Finally, I know that I’m proud to work for a company whose mission is to help people who need mental healthcare, get the care they need while allowing me to care for myself.”
— Justin G.

“Previous to Quartet, I worked for a company that didn’t understand mental health. After eventually being let go due to taking time off, I knew I had a greater purpose and a greater voice than what I was able to use where I was currently. Today at Quartet, I am able to advocate fiercely for patients. I am able to talk openly, de-stigmatize, and feel empowered over mental health. It’s amazing what a group of kind-hearted and strong individuals with one goal in mind can do!”
— Anonymous

“I started working in Mental Health as a way to honor my brother who passed away from his battle with Mental Health when he was 16. I never thought that working at Quartet would lead me down my own road of healing and investing in myself. The work we do here doesn’t just save lives, it empowers them. I no longer have to decide if I want to be the best employee OR the best version of myself…here at Quartet I get to be both.”
— Megan L.

“I’ve always struggled with ADHD (which brought its friends depression and anxiety) and the stigma around mental health has greatly impacted me from a young age. From being bullied for having to take medication as a child, to being told to “get over it” in regards to my depression, these experiences exasperated the issue when all I needed was validation and support. To be able to offer that validation and support to others and help break the stigma around mental health is why I do what I do.”
— Anonymous

“As a Care Navigator and someone who struggles with mental illness, I understand the difficulties of finding affordable and convenient mental health care. When my PCP first recommended that I go to therapy and seek an evaluation from a psychiatrist, I was provided with a list of providers that did not take insurance and had several month-long waiting lists. My PCP tried her best to help but she did not have access to any other mental health resources and encouraged me to just wait for care. Quartet works to ensure that PCPs have an avenue to get patients to the right care at the right time. I wish that I had someone like Quartet when I first began seeking care for my anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Mental health matters.”
— Karen A.

“So much of the profound suffering that accompanies mental health conditions is the perception that you’re alone in this world. There have been many nights, days, weeks that I’ve felt as though something in my brain was somehow irreparably broken. I deeply understand what our patients go through; some of their hesitations and their fears: “What will others think of me if I start treatment?” “What if this doesn’t work?” “Will I be this way forever?” Working at Quartet for me is taking a stand, visibly and proudly, that our patients and anyone suffering from a mental health condition are not alone. We can’t promise that things will magically become better. But we can promise that we’ll be here, together, offering support and help in the hopes of building a world where no one has to feel invisible and alone.”
— Anonymous

“Depression is a bitch. It’s insidious, the way it creeps through your brain, changing the way you think about others, the way you think about yourself, the way you think others think about you. Always with the overthinking and there’s no way to turn it off. You can’t control it by rationalizing your way out of it — I have a nice home, a good job, a happy family, no reason to be depressed. Depression isn’t rational, and it isn’t kind. It’s not a soft melancholy covered in blankets curled up on the couch. Depression is fire and rage and destruction, turned inward, destroying your sense of who you are. It can’t be encouraged away with cheerful sayings — wake up and be awesome, each day is a new day, every cloud has a silver lining. Treating depression requires the willingness to walk through the fire, fighting for mental peace. I’m proud to be a part of Quartet, helping our patients and our community in their fight.”
— Anonymous

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