Quartet’s 2023 Year in Review

January 31, 2024

Our 2023 Annual Report is here!


Our report highlights the many milestones we’ve achieved in the past year, allowing us to drive speed to quality care for hundreds of thousands of patients.


This year, we enabled value-based payment models across multiple lines of business in 20 states. We’re also delivering care across 34 markets with a team of 250+ providers that cover nearly 30 unique clinical specialties. This is all made possible by our amazing team, as well as an extended network of 20K providers and countless strategic partners. 


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – among our care enablement services we:


  • Engaged over 160K patients in finding care
  • Offered speed to match within 48 hours
  • Engaged over 37K providers in alternative value-based care models
  • Engaged 90% of at-risk members via alternative value-based models to avoid acute encounters

And within care delivery we:

  • Conducted over 500K patient visits
  • Demonstrated over 40% savings in total cost of care within our virtual clinic
  • Launched our Whole Health program for patients with serious mental illness (SMI), providing care for some of our most vulnerable populations
  • Exceeded industry gold standard of 70% patient adherence to measurement-based care


To read more about what our team has achieved, view the full report.


Thank you to our partners, customers, and community. We’re excited to continue building healthier communities, one patient at a time, in 2024.

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