Scaling our Strategy

Christina Mainelli

CEO, Quartet Health

March 2, 2023

I am humbled and excited to serve as Quartet Health’s new CEO, with Anay Patel elevating to COO and Puneet Singh serving on our Board of Directors.

As leaders in healthcare, we are often asked our “why.” Many years ago, I watched the smile disappear from one of my closest friends. In two short weeks, her mental illness escalated so quickly that she had seemingly given up on everything, including her work, her relationships, and herself. After what felt like countless phone calls, I found her care and worked with her family to ensure she had a support system in place. Finding mental health care for a loved one can be all-consuming and frustrating, at times taking weeks or months to get an appointment, even for those with very acute needs. It took a while to see improvement in my friend, but I finally exhaled, knowing she had a plan.

I joined Quartet Health to ensure everyone in need of mental healthcare has the support to quickly and seamlessly find their own plan – to get the quality care they need, when they need it.

In 2021, Puneet, Anay, and I architected a new strategy for the company. We transformed Quartet from a technology company focused on referral coordination to one of the largest tech-enabled mental health provider groups in the country. We match patients of all acuities to care, deliver care to patients with moderate to serious mental illness, and also enable value-based care delivery for network clinicians. To accelerate our strategy, we raised almost $70 million of equity capital from leading payers and investors, completed a successful acquisition, and launched a new clinic that delivers quality, measurement-based care to high-needs patients.

After two years of transformation, we are ready to scale the strategy we designed and built. We’ve grown our top line 250% since 2020. More importantly, our team increased patient appointments 125x from 4,000 in 2020 to over 500,000 in 2022, while expanding from 8 to 33 states. We more than doubled the size of our provider group in 12 months to over 250 clinicians, and also enabled Medicaid value-based payments to clinicians in one third of all US states.

Puneet has left an indelible mark on our team as someone who embodies servant leadership. He encourages diversity of thought and fosters leadership in others, as is evidenced by our transition. I feel fortunate to call him a colleague and friend. Puneet will stay close to the business on our Board and continue to unlock growth opportunities as we scale.

Anay is a leader who relentlessly follows the data, and I am excited to partner with him in building towards our future. He has a keen ability to quickly assess a challenge or opportunity, apply a data driven approach to validate his assumptions, and then make an informed decision.

We are looking ahead to an exciting period of continued growth and new milestones. We expect to double our provider group again this year, targeting over 500 employed clinicians, which will enable us to reach our goal of over 1M patient visits. And in service of Quartet’s mission, we will work with our customers to move mental healthcare to a value-based care delivery model that aligns incentives around improved patient outcomes.

We have an incredible team at Quartet, eager to deliver speed to quality mental healthcare for our patients and customers. We strive for excellence each day to bring that smile back to our loved ones and those we serve.

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