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Building a Brand that Prioritizes Our Patients

You may have noticed our  look has changed a bit. Not just because we wanted a more vibrant color. In […]

Provider Spotlight: Sara Makin, Founder, Makin Wellness

Sara Makin, M.S.Ed., NCC, LPC, is the founder of Makin Wellness in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and part of the Quartet network since 2018.

Black Lives Matter

We all have a role to play to dismantle racism. Quartet’s role is to fight racism in mental health care.

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Why Is It So Hard To Find A Therapist?

In our new series, The Business of Therapy, we set out to answer the most common questions about therapy, accessing care, […]

Exhausted woman spilling coffee.

The Sandwich Generation

I’m feeling the squeeze. The special kind of pressure that women like me, in their 40’s, are experiencing. We’re parenting young […]

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Let’s Talk About Self-Care, Really

Many of us, especially in this unprecedented time, have heard the term “self-care” buzzing around. Perhaps it has been suggested […]

World Bipolar Day: Celebrating, Honoring, and Recognizing Lived Experiences

In honor of World Bipolar Day, I interviewed three participants who each have a bipolar disorder diagnosis. Some responses have […]

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While Balancing It All, Don’t Forget Your Basket

You know those times, when you plan to prepare a meal and you want to make a quick run to […]

Woman in distress, receiving information from a doctor.

Diagnosis with a Side of PTSD

The howling of my baby boy in a heap on the floor is what finally did it. I’d just dropped […]

Person handing groceries to an older man.

Embodying Kindness

It was my junior year of college when I had my first major bout of depression. It was the year […]

Partner Spotlight: Centene on Behavioral Health Care in a Post-Pandemic World

Quartet Health partnered with Centene Corporation in 2019 to bring behavioral health care to patients in need. Recently, we expanded […]

Anxiety Meds, and How I Realized I Needed Them

I started taking anti-anxiety medication about a month ago, and I have never felt better. This year has been tough […]