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Building a Brand that Prioritizes Our Patients

You may have noticed our  look has changed a bit. Not just because we wanted a more vibrant color. In […]

Provider Spotlight: Sara Makin, Founder, Makin Wellness

Sara Makin, M.S.Ed., NCC, LPC, is the founder of Makin Wellness in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and part of the Quartet network since 2018.

Black Lives Matter

We all have a role to play to dismantle racism. Quartet’s role is to fight racism in mental health care.

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Redefining Wellness as Company Culture

At Quartet, we work every day to make it easier for people to get the mental health care they need.  […]

On Masculinity and Intimacy

When we hear “men” and “intimacy”, what often follows is “romance” or “family.” Western society in particular expects men to […]

Thank You for Your Service: From The Lens of A Military Spouse

2!…3!…4!…4!…8!…Who Do We Appreciate? Two states, three moves, four cities, four children, and eight years to date — this has […]

A Conversation for Everyone

Storm systems come and they go. Some are loud and thunderous, lasting for days, while others blow over quickly. Growing […]

Quartet teams

A Guide to Quartet’s Different Teams and Their Functions 

Learn about our different departments and the impact you can have.

election day holiday quartet

Why Quartet is Making Election Day 2020 a Paid Holiday

At Quartet, we want to make sure that everyone who can vote, does vote. And it starts with us.

mental health latinx

How Attitudes on Mental Health are Changing Across LatinX Generations

Mental health conditions do not exist in the LatinX community – or so we’ve been told.

in the shadow of covid

In the Shadow of COVID-19, Mental Health Help Can’t Come Soon Enough

The psychological pressures that Covid-19 has brought have triggered what amounts to a secondary pandemic for millions of Americans. We need a mental health care overhaul.

Quartet Chief Mental Health Officer Robert Accordino Gives TEDMED Hive Talk

What if a key to improving access to mental health care actually is technology? Quartet Chief Mental Health Officer Robert […]